Sticky Situations

I work for the Sheffield escorts agency and not many people know my profession, mainly my clients. My first gig was in 2000 and I was so nervous, now I am a pro. It took a couple of sessions and then I realized that this is my job and that my clients are more nervous than I am. I try not to go in public to often because I am fearful that a friend or relative may see me. Mainly I work from late night into the early morning and sleep all day long.

Most of my experiences have been pretty good but I have been stuck in a couple sticky situations. One man that I pleased for hours decided that he did not want to pay me. I started to get angry and he slapped me in the face a couple times and left. Then weeks later he actually tried calling me and I ignored his calls.

Montessori Schools

I put my daughter into a Montessori school and I absolutely love it, this is her first year. My dates are scheduled up to 5 pm with the Newcastle escorts agency and then I go right to school and pick her up from latchkey.

The school offers core principles to students from kindergarten to eighth grade and I do not know what high school that I will be sending her to. All of the teachers are wonderful and state certified so I always know that my child is in great hands! They have the teaching process so the children can move at their own pace and it is incorporated with a different type of learning style.

This year she has learned to count to twenty in Spanish class and the teacher only came in the middle of the school year. She is teaching me the language little by little, it is so cute!